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Temple of Destiny Church's journey began with its 1st Service Sunday, October 7th, 2007 at Faith Temple COGIC 1447 Burd@ Wells. The first messaged that our Founder and Pastor DeVone Cruesoe preached was "Dream It, Declare It, and Just Do it! In January of 2008 near the close of Consecration Month the churches copper pipes was stolen out of the church, that left this small congregation homeless. For 2 months the Lord allowed many to open there doors for Temple of Destiny to worship. Still trusting the Lord every step of the way!


On Sunday, April 20th, 2008 the Lord saw fit for Temple of Destiny Church to move and share a building with Faith Deliverence Church 1455 Hodiamont, directly down the streets from their 1st location. Through the preaching, teaching, witnessing, and LOVE shown souls ws being added to the kingdom. 


One night the Lord spoke to spoke to our leader Elder DeVone Cruesoe in a dream regarding the next move for he and Temple of Destiny Church. Pastor Cruesoe told the church that the Lord said "our next assignment was on Martin Luther King Drive". A week or so later Pastor Cruesoe received a call from another Pastor, the pastor informed him of a church building for rent. Our leader contacted the landlord and the landlord stated "he no longer have that building anymore", and hung up the phone on Pastor Cruesoe. Later that evening the landlord called back and stated I have a building on Martin Luther King Drive". Our leader went to look at the building, and told the landlord give him some time to pray. Pastor Cruesoe prayed and in November 2008 this small congregation had finally walked into there current location 4589 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, St. Louis, Mo. 63113. At the current location the Lord has seen souls baptized In Jesus Name, saved, and filled with the precious gift of the Holyghost. The Lord's good hand of good is on this church and congregation. 


God is continually blessing Pastor DeVone Cruesoe and Temple of Destiny Church numerically and spiritually. They continue to serve faithfully the St. Louis metropolitan area. Temple of Destiny Church is known as a "Growing and Glowing Church". 

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